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Zach Edey, the Purdue Boilermakers’ star center, has dominated the college basketball scene with his impressive height and strength. But beyond his towering presence on the court lies another remarkable aspect – his shoe size. Edey’s feet are considerably larger than the average person, making footwear a unique challenge for the young athlete.

A Shoe Size Fit for a Giant: Size 20

So, how big are Edey’s shoes exactly? In a 2023 interview with TSN, Edey himself confirmed that he wears a size 20 US men’s shoe. To put this in perspective, the average adult male in the US has a shoe size of 10.5. This means Edey’s feet are nearly double the size of the average man’s!

Finding shoes in this size range can be a logistical nightmare. Stores like Foot Locker simply don’t carry such large sizes. Thankfully, with the help of sponsorships and custom-made options, Edey manages to find footwear that fits his feet comfortably and provides the necessary support for his demanding athletic endeavors.

Challenges and Advantages of Large Feet

Having such large feet comes with its own set of challenges. Locating shoes is just the beginning. The limited selection often translates into fewer options in terms of style and performance features. Additionally, the sheer size and weight of the shoes can put extra strain on Edey’s ankles and knees.

However, Edey’s large feet also offer a distinct advantage on the basketball court. His massive size 20 shoes provide a wider base of support, contributing to his exceptional balance and stability. This allows him to effectively defend the paint, block shots, and establish a strong post presence.

Beyond the Shoe Size: A Well-Rounded Athlete

It’s important to remember that Edey’s success on the court goes far beyond his shoe size. He possesses a well-rounded skillset, including impressive footwork, soft touch around the rim, and a developing mid-range shot. His dedication to training and constant improvement make him a formidable force on the court, regardless of his footwear size.

While Zach Edey’s size 20 shoes are certainly a noteworthy aspect of his physical stature, they are just one piece of the puzzle that contributes to his athletic ability. His talent, hard work, and determination are what truly make him a standout player in the world of college basketball.

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