Identifying USPS International Tracking Number Format

Knowing USPS international tracking number format is important in order to able track the package and know the process.

USPS International Mail delivery might took longer time compared to local delivery based on the distance and the service you take.

In order to track your package or package which will coming to you, you need to type the track number on USPS tracking website, then you will be informed the delivery process.

You will able to know whether your package have arrived to its destination address or still being transited.

Identifying USPS International Tracking Number Format

With tracking your package, you will able to know if the delivery time consumed more than its arrival estimation, or you package can be delivered sooner than arrival estimation time.

Identifying USPS International Tracking Number Format

Before knowing USPS international tracking number format, there are two variant of international deliveries in USPS.Read USPS Express Mail Delivery Time

First is priority mail international, which the number format will be written with 13 numbers, and the beginner letter will be begun with CP and in the end will be ended with US.

In example, it will look alike CP 000 000 000 US. The second delivery variant is Priority Mail Express International.

This delivery have fewer delivery time, and it cost more compared to the previous variant. The tracking number will be begun with EC and ended with US. It will look like EC 000 000 000 US.

After knowing USPS international tracking number format, you will able to identify whether the tracking number you accept is similar to the sample format.

If it is different, then you can ask to USPS call center or its officer directly (by coming to USPS office), and make sure that your package will be delivered to the right delivery address.Read USPS First Class Package

Even so, tracking number is the traditional way to trace your package. Now, USPS have created a service which you able to track your package even without tracking number, but with your personal account. This service is known to be My USPS.

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