How Many Digits Is a USPS Tracking Number: Keeping a Note to Self



You and probably millions of other people have been using the USPS service on the daily basis but has anyone of you ever wondered about how many digits is a USPS tracking number?

Has anyone of you ever seriously and dedicatedly count the numbers – one by one – and figure out what the basic functionality is?

Have you ever noticed the different formats of the numbers and wondered what it can do to your shipment service? A lot of people won’t bother about the number but some, believe it or not, really pay a close attention to it.Read First How Long Are USPS Tracking Numbers


The Real Facts

You probably have dealt with the tracking number but not many people would bother knowing the exact details of how many digits is a USPS tracking number.

The tracking number alone is pretty long – around 20 digits or 22 digits max. Some of the formats may have shorter numbers, ‘only’ 10 digits and 13 digits long. But then again, who would bother to memorize such a number, really?


Not only you will have to remember such a long number, you can’t do it wrong – remembering the mix-up numbers or incorrectly placing one number over another. Not a lot of people would even want to remember such a long numbers so they basically don’t care about the numbers, anyway.Read First You Need USPS Tracking Contact Number

Some people, however, believe that the different formats and different lengths of the numbers will determine the different services given to them.


For instance, when they are using the Global Express Guaranteed service, the digits are only 10 while the Certified Mail has either 20 digits or 22 digits max.

Some are worried that they may be scammed and they get the fake delivery receipt if they don’t remember about how many digits is a USPS tracking number and they don’t know the format.

However, you shouldn’t worry about getting such a fake tracking number if you go to the local post office and hand the package yourself to the person responsible for the handling.

The Final Conclusion

In the end, if you ever wondered whether you need to remember the numbers, the answer is no. You aren’t obliged to do so.Read First What If I Lost My Tracking Number USPS

Is it important for you to know the exact details about how many digits is a USPS tracking number? Well, it isn’t necessarily so unless you really want to bother yourself and have an extra working load on your part. As long as you have the receipt and can perform the check, you are good to go.


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