What Time Does The Post Office Close During A Day?



If you want to know What time does the post office close, then you also need to know its office hours. All of post office open during weekdays or from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am, and close at 5.00 pm.

This office hour have been applied for all post office in United States, especially for United States Postal Services (USPS).

If you want to send some letters or packages as soon as possible, it is better to come before 12 pm in the afternoon.


It is because most of post carrier come to take the package and mail from post office at that time, before delivering to the destination addresses.

What Time Does The Post Office Close During A Day?

After knowing What time does the post office close, then what if you want to send package during weekend or during Saturday and Sunday?Read USPS delivery hours Sunday Service


If for USPS office, during weekend and holiday, they didn’t open their office. Even so, USPS carrier still make deliveries even in the weekend, but not during other holidays.

The reason for it is because there are so many important package need to be sent during weekend and before Monday. One of the example is because of the existence of online shopping.


Most of working people tend to purchase item from online shop like Amazon during weekend. Therefore, Amazon and other online shop need to send their items to the customer during weekend too. Then, they collaborate with post office or USPS to able sending package during weekend.

As mentioned before about What time does the post office close, it is said that during Saturday and Sunday the USPS office is closed. Even so, in some USPS office, they also open and accept service at Saturday.Read USPS Priority Mail Tracking Service

The example is USPS office which is located in Beverly Hills. During Sunday, this office is closed, but it still open in Saturday and have the closing time at 1 pm.


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