UPS Customer Service Complaints

UPS Customer Service Complaints   – Sometimes your expectation toward the shipment that is delivered on time to the shipping address can’t be met by UPS, or it is because the damaged package. The worst case scenario the package isn’t delivered at all despite the tracking status says it is.

What to do? Though to file UPS customer service complaints is obvious step to take, there are some other considerations to put into account, for instance, the reason why the package is late or missing.

Complicated procedures are common when it comes shipping, let it alone harsh weather and so on. Unless the problem comes to the driver, have you ever considered someone takes your package?

Indeed, the package delivery incidents are less common when you consider UPS as your carrier to ship your shipment.

Nevertheless, sometimes the incident happens, and there is no other way but preparing to file the complaints as you want UPS to take care the problem.

UPS Customer Service Complaints

Immediately file UPS  customer service complaints, of course, it’s viable. However, you can consider the below mentioned prior you file the complaints with UPS,Related posts How To Track A UPS Package With An Address

UPS Customer Service Complaints

  1. Check whether your neighbor accepts the package.
  2. Wait for the next day, because there is a probability that the package will come to you the next business day. Commonly you need to wait within 24 hours.
  3. Check the surrounding of your yard. For safety reason, UPS driver tends to drop the package in particular location around the house they think the safest to protect the package from bad weather or thug.

Either you want to put into account the above mentioned considerations before you file the complaints or prefer UPS to handle the package delivery issues right away, do you know how to file UPS customer service complaints?

File the complaints to UPS, you need beforehand the tracking number. And although both the sender and the recipient are able to file the complaint, somehow it is better if the sender who take care the filing issues. The next step to do after you have the tracking number,Related posts How To Track A Package From The UPS Store

  • Go to, thus you can proceed the complaints. Then locate lost package claims service section.
  • As you find empty field on the section which ask you to put UPS tracking number, fill your empty number on there.
  • Pick the package delivery problem that occurs on you, such as, damaged package, lost package, and more.
  • Hit the continue button, afterward.

Next thing to do file UPS customer service complaints, create an account by filing your personal information including email address, contact name, and so on to the available section, and then click next.

So, you can type your contact information. You have to complete a form that is given to  report a UPS package that never knocks your front door.

In case your issue is damaged package, explain the damage. When everything is done, select next in order to send your complaints.

Another solution for you to file complaints with UPS, dial 1-800-PICK UPS to speak with customer  service representative. Or you can send email to UPS customer service.Related posts How To Track A Package From UPS Ground

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