How Long Are USPS Tracking Numbers

If you are wondering about how long are USPS tracking numbers and some people say that it is about 20 digits to 22 digits, it is not always true.

Yes, the general formats are in the form of 20 to 22 digits but then again, it depends on the type of service you get.

Such a regulation about the tracking number isn’t written on stone so be flexible about it and be prepared to be surprised.Read First USPS Tracking Number Lookup

About the USPS Tracking Number

How Long Are USPS Tracking Numbers

You should keep in mind that the USPS tracking number is basically a unique number with unique format. It is designed to provide information to the customers about their delivery status.

So instead of waiting in anticipation and anxiety, simply put in the number information and see the details of the shipment – where it is now, how the processing status is, and such thing alike. According to some people, the US postal service is basically two types of tracking digits:

  • The most common one with 22 digit numbers in total
  • The alternative number with 13 numeric and alphabet characters. The general form begins with alphabet character, then 9 digits numbers, and ended with US.

If you are wondering about how long are USPS tracking numbers, here is the basic info.Read First Track USPS without Tracking Number Is It Possible?

The Examples

This standard formatting isn’t strict or rigid as you can see from the examples below:

  • Certified Mail has either 20 digits or 22 digits, consisting of all numbers
  • Collect on Delivery has either 22 digits or 10 digits, consisting of numbers and a combination of an alphabet
  • Global Express Guaranteed has 10 digits
  • Priority Mail Express International has 13 digits, begin and ended with alphabets and numbers in between
  • Priority Mail Express has 22 digits or 13 digits either all numbers or the combination of alphabets and numbers like the Express International
  • Priority Mail has 20 digits or 22 digits with all numbers
  • Registered Mail has 22 digits or 13 digits, either all numbers or with the combination of letter and number

Those are some slight information about how long are USPS tracking numbers, so you can find out more about the digits.Read First USPS Tracking Phone Number to Call

Of course, not everyone remembers the format – not everyone even cares. If you want to check the status of your shipment, it is better to hold on to the tracking number provided to you.

Whether you want to choose the online or sms tracking, it is up to you. If you keep the number, you don’t need to wonder about how long are USPS tracking numbers, do you?

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