USPS customer service complaint Call

USPS customer service complaint – When you mail or send package to someone and the receiver complain that he doesn’t accept the mail, even after a month, then what you need to do is making complain to the local post office.

In United States, the most often used postal service is USPS (United Stated Postal Service). USPS customer service complaint Call can be reach at (800) 522-9085.

Customer can also make complain through email at Customer will get fast respond during work hour in weekdays.Read The Many Usages of Tracking Number for USPS

If you want to meet USPS officer immediately, you can go to the nearest office directly and tell them your complaint.

USPS customer service complaint Call

USPS customer service complaint Call

In USPS customer service complaint, customer can make all complaint related to mailing service. Most of complaint were about delivery time which is longer than the estimation time.

In example, customer want to send a package to outside country, and the estimation time is a week, while after a week, the package has not been received by receiver. In this case, there might be probability.Read Assistance of USPS Tracking Customer Service Number

First, the address written on the package might not written completely or address can’t be found. It can also that the writing address faded. Second possibility, the package might have very small size, than make it miscarriage to other place. In this problem, the fault on behalf of USPS.

In USPS customer service complaint, customer can also make complaint about tracking number. After sending package, customer is given tracking number, which is written on the receipt. This tracking number is important to track the package delivery.

In case your tracking number is lost, while your package not yet to be delivered, you should complain to USPS. It is better to complain as soon as possible to the USPS office where you send the package.Read USPS Tracking Telephone Number: Reasons for Delivery

They will able track your data if you make complain soon. Then they might help you in reviving the lost tracking number.

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