How Long Does USPS First Class Package Take to the Destination?



Have you ever wondered how long does USPS First Class Package take to reach the destination? In most cases, the package will take 1 to 3 business days to reach the destination, weekends and holidays aren’t included.

If there is a national holiday, the delivery can be delayed and it will definitely take longer time. So, what to know about this service in general, really?

About First Class Service

So, how long does USPS First Class Package take to reach the destination? 1 to 3 business days, which is generally longer when compared to the Priority Mail service – which takes 1 to 2 business days.


If you are performing a track, you will see that the USPS also includes the information of time. It is the information when a package is being in transit.Read USPS Tracking Not Updating Possibility

When you drop the package before the post office, it is most likely that your package will depart within the same day. But if you drop the package after hour, it is most likely that it will depart the next day.


So, you need to calculate your delivery time. Naturally, when you do it after hour, it will take an extra day. Don’t forget that distance and condition along the delivery will determine the delivery process.

If the distance between the sender and recipient is too far away, it usually takes more than 3 days. If the packages are sent interstate, it usually arrives sooner. But if it is sent through faraway distance across the country, it will take longer.


Keep in mind, though, that some possible issues may happen along the way. In most states, USPS is closed every Sunday so there is always a possibility of delay.Read USPS Tracking Not Updating For International

During federal holidays, there won’t be any delivery but the post office will definitely keep and hold the packages in transit.

Weather can also play an important role. So, know that you know how long does USPS First Class Package take, which service do you still choose?


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