Post Office San Luis AZ 85349 Tracking Phone Number Reviews

Usps San Luis AZ 85349 Tracking Phone Number Reviews

Post Office Luis AZ 85349 Maps

Address: 874 Main St, San Luis, AZ 85349, United States


Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–4:45PM
Tuesday 9AM–4:45PM
Wednesday 9AM–4:45PM
Thursday 9AM–4:45PM
Friday 9AM–4:45PM
Saturday 9AM–1PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post Office San Luis AZ User reviews

Post Office San Luis AZ 85349 Tracking Phone Number Reviews

Martin Pulido
Long Lanes for pickup the mailI wait 4 days for a package from ups or FedEx ,and I have to wait other 2 to 3 days more to get the notification paper. Long process.

Patricia Gimbut
Not has bad has it was at one point. The big problem is the size of the Post Office and number of employees is far too small for the number of residents. There is no residential delivery of mail, you have to have a p.o. box, but there are not enough.

The attitude of the employees in the past have been the rudest I’ve seen but has improved. Don’t expect to get your packages the day it says its available though, at this office it takes an extra day or two or three to actually be able to pick them up.

Joe Valle
Still don’t know why this town doesn’t have home delivery that post office was not made for the size that this town has become plus you have people from Mexico that have P.O. Boxes here it’s in a bad location gets to crowded and in the middle of were agriculture workers coming from Mexico make line to cross another bad thing is if you make the mistake of putting home address on your delivery they will send it back post office should be able to match it to your PO Box they have all your information!.

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