Summer Nails Blue

Blue is a great color choice for summer nails! Here are some ideas for blue summer nail designs:

  1. Blue and white stripes: Paint alternating nails with blue and white stripes to create a nautical look.
  2. Blue ombre: Create a gradient effect by painting your nails with different shades of blue, starting with the lightest at the base of your nails and gradually getting darker towards the tips.
  3. Blue glitter: Add some sparkle to your summer nails by using a blue glitter nail polish.
  4. Blue floral: Paint a light blue base coat and then use a small brush to add white flowers or other floral designs.
  5. Blue and gold: Paint your nails with a navy blue base and add gold accents with glitter or small embellishments.
  6. Blue and coral: Create a fun summer look by pairing a bright blue with a coral color on alternating nails.

Remember to always apply a base coat before painting your nails to protect them and help your nail polish last longer. Happy painting!

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