USPS Change Of Address During Delivery Process

USPS change of address during Delivery Process – Have you ever overcome a problem when you send a package to certain address.

While after your package being sent then the receiver informed you that he/she have moved to new address? Then what should you do with this.

In case you use USPS service, USPS change of addresscan be informed to USPS officer. You can come to USPS office nearby or where you send your package.

The officer will track your package using tracking number, then they will inform the carrier about the changing address.

USPS change of address during Delivery Process

In this case, it is important for you to save the receipt where you got in the first time, or saving the tracking number.Read What Time Does The Post Office Open Every Day

USPS change of address during Delivery Process

USPS change of addressis indeed related to tracking number. There are no other ways to change the recipient address in the middle of delivery, without tracking number.

With tracking number, USPS officer will know where your package is in that time. Afterward, USPS officer will able to let carrier know about the changing address before reaching the destination place.

Therefore in case you need to change the destination address, it is better to inform to USPS office as soon as possible.

In case you want to do USPS change of address but your package have already sent to the previous address, then there will be some possibility.

If the previous address is a house which has no house owner, then your package will be put back to USPS office, and USPS officer will let you know that your package unable to reach the destination place as it miss place.Read What Time Does USPS Deliver In My Area Location

Another possibility, if your package sent to wrong address where there is the house owner, the house owner might refuse the package, and in that case, you can get your package back.

Afterward, you can change the address on your package, and resend again that package.

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