USPS Customer Service Chat Center

USPS customer service chat Center – Anytime you have problem with tracking system or delivery system in United States Postal Service USPS), you need to make complaint as soon as possible. USPS can be reached in several ways, like by making call, sending them email, or writing on their website.

If you want to do USPS customer service chat Center directly, then it is better to make phone call to USPS.

The customer care center for USPS can be contacted at (800) 522-9085. After dialing the number, you will hear automatic answering machine speaking to you. Then if you want to talk or to make a complaint to USPS operator, you need to press 0, and the calling system will connect you with the service center.

Besides contacting to USPS customer service chat Center, you can also write your complaint through email. The email address at By sending them email, you will receive the answer after some hours or a day and more.

USPS Customer Service Chat Center

Everything is based on the operator work. Most often, if you send them email, you will get the answer for a day and more. Some of the customer also complained that they didn’t get any response at all. Therefore, in order to avoid this case, it is better to make call to them or by coming to USPS office directly.

In order to access to USPS customer service chat Center, you can also contact them through social media, like Facebook. In USPS Facebook official account, you can send them message in order to get their answer in quick. However, before contacting to USPS, you need to classify your question category.

Those are like how you reschedule your delivery, or how you make a claim of your delivery and get refund from USPS. Then after classifying your question, make that to be subject of your email, in order to make USPS officer response fast to your complaint.

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