USPS First Class Package Tracking Number



United States Postal Service (USPS) has provided the customer with the premium service namely first class service. You could either send package or mail using this service.

This service could help you to deliver the mail or package in faster way. As USPS website said that this kind of package is suitable for business using which often need the faster time to deliver items.

As this kind of service has more advantages, it is also has the higher price than the ordinary ones. The question is, do we still get USPS First Class Package Tracking Number in this kind of service?


USPS First Class Package Tracking Number is still available, just like the common expedition system. The tracking number contained on the receipt is still the combination of fourteen numbers or the combination of the alphabets and number.Read Used Track USPS Package without Tracking

In simple way, there is no special thing such as easily memorized number, for the first class service. You still need to keep the tracking number you get in order to track your package.

USPS First Class Package Tracking Number


USPS First Class Package Tracking Number is still available for the package service. You will get the receipt from the officer for the package you sent. Nevertheless, in some case, you might not get the tracking number for the big mail document.Read Used Package without a Tracking Number USPS

If you ship document in large envelope or flat envelope, you might not able to get the tracking number. And commonly, this kind of service might cost cheaper in the first class service.


Nevertheless, the deficiency of it is that you could not track your document. What you need to do is to wait it patiently that the big document you sent have arrived to the receiver or have arrived to you as the receiver.

As the USPS First Class Package Tracking Number is still available, the important thing to do is that to keep it. As the first class service is more expensive than the ordinary ones, you must keep the receipt well. And it is also suggested that you sent the mail in fair portion.

It means that you need to send document in fair size, not too big and not too small (in case the shipment might loose it).

It will help you to get the tracking number for tracking your package. In other way, you could fold your document to avoid the large size of the shipment.Read Used My USPS Tracking Number

If the document is important and forbidden to fold, you better send it in package way as the package delivery will have receipt for the sender.


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