USPS Tracking without Tracking Number

Tracking number is the number we got in time we are expecting or sending package, and it is commonly written on the receipt. This number used to track the package by typing it on the official website of expedition services.

United States Postal Service also applied this way for their consumer. And then, what happen if you loose the receipt or the tracking number? Is there way to do USPS Tracking without Tracking Number? The answer is might be impossible. Even so, you could do some efforts to revive the receipt or to track the tracking number.

Both the sender and the receiver is important to know the tracking number. If you are the sender and you loose the tracking number, you could do a way for USPS Tracking without Tracking Number.Read Used USPS Package without Tracking Number

You could come to the USPS office, where you sent the package. You might have come to the office as soon as possible, because the officer might able to help you track the package or help you to revive the tracking number.

USPS Tracking without Tracking Number

USPS Tracking without Tracking Number

In example, if you send the package in the morning and you report to the USPS office in the afternoon, the officer might still have the data of yours, as they might still keep the data in the day.Read Used I Lost My USPS Tracking Number

If you come after days, it might be difficult to revive the tracking number. And then what you could do is waiting the package arrive to the address you sent.

In second case, if you are someone who is expecting a package, there still is no way to do USPS Tracking without Tracking Number.

In this case, you might come to the USPS office nearby and then ask to the officer that you are expecting package. Ask their help if they could track the package you wished. The USPS officer might need the data of yours and the package sender, so you need to ask the sender their personal data.

You could also wait for the day you are expecting for the package sending process. If it is more than the day you are expected, and have passed for more than three day than the day it should be, you could report it to the USPS office. And you could even report it to the police to avoid the case of deception.

As the possibility to do USPS Tracking without Tracking Number is minim, you need to keep the receipt or the tracking number safely.Read Used Tracking Number USPS The Different Ways

Place the receipt after you got it, in the dry place, as the written on it could be faded by the water. And if you are the package receiver, make sure in the time that your package sender is someone you could trust.

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