USPS First Class vs Priority: The Basic Differences

You are probably torn between choosing the USPS First Class vs Priority Mail. You know that the First Class service is cheaper but in some general senses, the Priority Mail is somewhat faster.

What is the real fact between the First Class and the Priority Mail, anyway?

Knowing the Basic Differences

According to most users who have used both of the services, they are basically the same but the weight and the predicted delivery time are different.Read How Do I Talk To A Real Person at USPS

Both of the services are processed by the same people (most likely within the same shift), gone through the same processing checking, and delivered by the same service.

USPS First Class vs Priority: The Basic Differences

In First Class Mail, however, the weight of your package shouldn’t be over 12 oz – 13 oz is still acceptable – so this service is perfect for documents or letters or others using the thin and weightless envelopes.

In Priority Mail, the weight of your package varies from 12 oz to 70 oz, so it is applicable for bigger packages and mails. Is that the only difference of USPS First Class vs Priority Mail?

Not really because the Priority Mail has the flat rate service so you won’t have to worry about the size or weight of your package while the First Class Mail doesn’t offer the same flat rate service.

Moreover, if you want to be able to track your delivery, you can buy the so-called Delivery Confirmation feature, which is available for the Priority Mail service.Read USPS Track Package by Address

Unfortunately, this kind of tracking service won’t be available for the First Class Mail. If you want to know whether the First Class service has the extra tracking feature or not, go to the nearest post office and find out more.

Those are the basic differences of USPS First Class vs Priority Mail. So, which one of them do you prefer?

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